Sunday, December 14, 2014

Education Opportunity Foundation Promo Work

Here is my final project from the foundation I worked at while in Thailand! I helped film and edit most of this video together, with help from my students that took my media class while there in Thailand, along with overall direction from my boss, Steve Rawlings, who works with EOF.
Here is a video about how Education Opportunity Foundation is meeting the needs of parents who have little hope of supplying their children with a Christian education.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Door to door and more!

The other day was amazing!! I got to go canvassing on Monday and it was a great experience! I went to one of the poorer neighborhoods in our little town and in just 2 hours I got out a spanish Cookbook and Great Controversy! I also got to talk with a young, single mom who had a 4 year old daughter and she was interested in some of the books but just couldn't get them at the moment since it was between pay days. She was very interested with everything on the survey though, including Cooking Classes and Bible Studies!! She is open but just so busy being a single mom. Please keep Aylah in your prayers, friends! So, what have you done to share Jesus today? I would lover. To hear your stories!

P.S. Last night we had the introductory Depression Recovery class and was I surprised when one of the ladies recognized me. It turns out the other day before I went canvassing, I went to get a haircut since my hair was getting quite long. I decided to get my hair cut in the small town where I live even though it's more expensive here. Well, the lady that cut my hair was the same lady that recognized me at the seminar! Ptl! 

Thursday, June 5, 2014

A Precious Privilege


I guess I forgot to include the back story. I had just watched the story of Jim Elliot that evening and afterwards read a document full of Jim Elliot quotes! Wow, If you get the chance read them! They are almost life-changing on your perspective! This was what was swirling in my head as I was trying to go to sleep! So I had to get it down!

"Do you know how precious a privilege that is? To be raised knowing the truth?.... From an early age hearing the precious story of Jesus love for us! So strong, that He gave his whole life to live among us to try and help us understand his character BEFORE giving His life to save us from sin! To take our place, our penalty in death that we may live not just on this earth but forever with Him!! Oh, what joy!!
Knowing this truth, gives you a responsibility to share it!
God gave you the Bible so you could be a living bible for Him and go where others could not! He died for you, so live for Him!
If God gave you the Bible, why are you still among those who also have the Bible when there are thousands who have no Bible!!! Be their Bible! Show them who Jesus is!"

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A Childhood Dream Come True!

 Here's one of my entries from last Friday Evening!


Today was a beautiful day! It was a Friday. The last class of the second to last week of this 6 week media missionary course I am teaching here to the Karen students! I taught a bit on Photoshop today, mostly with Eh k' nyaw. He looks to be a promising possible media worker here in the future! While leaving the studio mid afternoon and walking through the rice fields and orchard to get to my place, I realized that I was in one of my childhood dreams! I came up to put my clothes away from drying on the line and get ready for Sabbath! After taking care of everything, as I sat there on the front porch of my Medical Missionary building eating some supper of Karen food, mostly rice, and looking at my partial view of the valley and surrounding hills, it was incredible!
We had sunshine most of the day and the typical afternoon thunderstorm with some rain which had just passed. In the lush green valley below as Sabbath was drawing close I could hear the beautiful voices of the Karen students from our foundation singing 'Little Brown Church in the Wildwood' in their native tongue! What memories that can bring back! I almost felt like I was in one of Eric B. Hare's stories!
I went down a little later after supper after the students had finished worship and were practicing their memory verses. I wore my Lugi, a Karen mans Sarong, and was standing visiting with Eh too and the gardener and his wife when the students were coming out. The kids were all happy to see me. One of them pulled me along to come to the dorms. It was fun! I played with some of the boys in their dorm then hung out with some of the boys and girls in the girls dorm. The kids always enjoy when I pull my iPhone out. I try to get a few pictures with them but before I know it they are looking for the guitar app so they can play the guitar! :) these were fun times that I won't forget! And now to sleep dreaming of a new and exciting Sabbath! Thank you Lord!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

My Work in Thailand!

Here is an update about my work here in Thailand. From shooting video for projects to teaching a 6 week Media Missionary course! If there is some way you would like to help email me at: jrhn322(at)aim(dot)com. Thank you and God bless

Friday, May 9, 2014

Older Random Entries

 I thought maybe some of my diary entries might be worth putting up on my blog. I'm not much of a writer but I need to write more!


Worship this Friday evening was in Karen, so I didn't understand it, but didn't want to look like I was ignoring the message, so decided to imagine what the message was about and what the pastor was talking about. It actually got kinda interesting but the ideas didn't all go together. It's a little harder on the imagination when the Karen inflection isn't just like English.

Oh, that I had a thousand lives to give, I would send them to live with and learn the language of every culture that I may share Jesus with them! But I have yet, only one life and I will strive to give it completely to God and to go wherever He wishes me to go, no matter the consequences!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Thailand Arrival (Video Update)

Check out my first in a series of video updates showing my trip to Thailand and my work there as a Media Missionary